At Liquid Transport Corp we strongly believe that the ability to operate safely and to succeed depends on quality training and education. Nothing we do at LTC is more important than the safety of our employee's and the public, and the integrity of the products we haul. Our DOT accident rating is one of the lowest in the trucking industry. Our trucks are limited to a top speed of 65 mph and our Safety Department is proactive with its awareness training at our quarterly safety meetings, as well as throughout the year. All of us have families sharing the road with our trucks, so we are committed to operating in a safe manner all of the time and getting our drivers home safely to their families.

Drivers for Liquid Transport Corp participate in a comprehensive training program, beginning with On-the-job training (“OJT”) in the particular products they will be transporting. OJT is a hands-on education process conducted by a certified driver trainer. Drivers will learn the various procedures involving loading, unloading and various equipment operation of the tank trailer. The driver trainer also assesses trainees’ skills as a professional driver during this time.

In addition to the OJT, drivers must attend a three-day New Associates Orientation Program (“NAOP”) during the first 90 days of employment. This classroom-style training is instructed by our Regional Safety Managers. Drivers will receive training in hazardous materials, defensive driving, hours of service, loading and unloading procedures, rollover prevention and other relevant subjects. They will learn about the company and its operations.

In addition to the NAOP and OJT, drivers also receive ongoing training on various subjects during each terminal's quarterly safety meetings. Interesting safety topics, as well as, the latest regulation updates from the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are discussed. The safety meetings are an open forum to discuss whatever safety issues are on the drivers’ minds.