Our sister company, Dana Transport is led by Ron Dana, a visionary with roots as a truck driver, fleet owner, and now the owner of the Dana family of companies. Historically, Dana Transport is a young company. Started in 1972, the company grew very rapidly with the strategic acquisitions of many terminals and tank washing facilities of other carriers, including Suttles Truck Leasing in 2000.

In 2006, Ron Dana acquired Liquid Transport Corp, with the latest company expansion in our dry bulk operations, as well as, expanded liquid bulk operations through key terminal openings in the Western United States.

On the LTC side, Keith Lewis is our President, and Chief Operating Officer. Keith has been with LTC more than 25 years with a strong background in the maintenance and safety areas. Keith leads the team in Indianapolis, IN, headquarters for Liquid Transport Corp, which also serves as a key administrative support operation center for the Dana Companies.

To help those visiting the site to contact key LTC and Dana associates, a list by functional area is provided in our "Contact" section of the site.